Saturday, May 11, 2013

Improving FW Occupancy And Making An Impact

There has been much discussion on how to continue to "fix" faction warfare and the lowsec it's in.  While it has, of late, been an unquestioned success through recent expansions, there are still glaring holes in the system.  Two of my biggest concerns are the reason for keeping a system at level 5 and FW/lowsec affecting the rest of Eve.  I have a couple of ideas that I think would touch on both of these things.

For a while, CCP was planning on implementing cyno jamming structures that could be put up in systems where the IHUB was upgraded to level 5.  After tremendous LP and ISK investments, this structure could then not only be destroyed, but once activated was AUTOMATICALLY destroyed.  This idea was never implemented, I believe, for two reasons.  The first being that FW people didn't want to invest so much LP and ISK only to have some alt corp activate it and let it automatically get blown up.  Secondly because nullsec groups said it would "fundamentally impact their ability to move ships and supplies" thus meaning there would be fewer wars, less fighting, etc.  Needless to say I think that is a load of pucky, one SHOULD have to actually "work" to keep supply chains open.  Additionally, it would mean that FW and lowsec groups would actually have some power over nullsec groups thus impacting the rest of Eve.

The first idea that I would like to see is a module or script for HIC's that would allow cyno jamming in lowsec.  This would create a mobile platform that could be kept with a fleet in order to discourage hotdrops.   This would work by only allowing 1 in system active at once, the jamming would essentially be a "siege" mode (preventing remote reps or movement), could not be activated inside a POS and would have a system wide beacon so fleets could find it.  This would allow for at least a short term "safe guard" against hotdrops while still allowing an enemy fleet the ability to turn it off.  Furthermore it would give HIC's another useful purpose in lowsec (something they desperately need).

In addition to this, I would like to see an automatic rule to encourage keeping a system up to level 5, something currently lacking especially in systems without industry capabilities:  Any FW system where the IHUB is NOT at 5, a ships could not jump or bridge OUT from.  In other words, you need an IHUB at 5 yo be able to jump out from, creating a sort of "jump hub".  Think about it.  Suddenly, while you can still jump or bridge into the system to kill that fleet or POS, one must think hard if it's worthwhile in case you can't then jump OUT from the system.  This would indeed hinder JF's moving supplies but would not entirely cut supplies as they can still jump a couple of gates if need be.  It would reduce the number of null blobs (in particular super caps) because they would need a station or POS to safe up in after the battle.  It would create the need to fight for and invest in systems that are critical to supply lines, thus creating more content, and would give the actions of FW groups much larger implications across Eve.  Something that CCP markets and is all about.

While there may be concerns that null sec entities could simply put alt corps into the militia for the purpose of adding LP to keep a certain IHUB up, that is fine by me.  That LP has to come from somewhere and as a system gets plexed that LP pool is reduced, it would not be a one time shot for said alts.  They would have to keep farming LP for the purpose of keeping systems up INSTEAD of farming LP ONLY for ISK.

Creating more risk, creating a reason to fight, and creating impact across Eve without breaking anything that's not already broken seems reasonable enough to me.

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