Friday, July 13, 2012

FW Roam On EVE Radio.

Radio Rewind courtesy of Eve Radio and FunkyBacon with yours truly leading a fight towards the end.  Give it a listen and hear the glories of FW fights!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FW Podcast.

Just a quick update.  For those that haven't yet heard, several leaders of the various factions (including yours truely) recently took part in a roundtable discussion on FW.  Guests included Hans Jagerblitzen, Susan Black, AmyMuffMuff, Almity and others.

Monday, July 9, 2012

On Speed And Damage.

Continuing in my effort to shed light on why Gallente fleet doctrine fails so bad (after a slight hiatus), I look at the problem of speed and why I believe Gallente need some nitro added to their fuel tanks and a little extra antimatter in their guns.

Something like this should do the trick...

Gallente are designed to be in your face to the point of sharing eyelids. Why then would I, as a Gallente ship designer, make my ship slow? Granted, Gallente are not as slow as Amarr ships but they are still short on Caldari, let alone Minmatar. Part of this is because of the armor tank vs shield tank argument, but even then, I believe that Gallente battleships should be able to make a minimum of 1000 m/s with full armor tank. But won't this make Gallente all shield tank and become OP? Not really. Few Gallente ships can pull off anything but a small buffer (in comparison with proper shield ships) and they still can't put out enough DPS.

With Alliance tournament X going, some have cited that teams with Vindicators, Kronos', and other various Gallente ships have done well in the prelims. While this may be true and it may be that they will also do well in the 12 man group stages, it's similar to putting a boxer against a cross country runner in an arena. Take those same two outside the arena where the runner can freely run away and the boxer won't have a chance of catching the runner as the runner throws rocks at the boxer.
Without going into details into the various speed and DPS values of each Gallente ship, I would simply propose the following.  Gallente speed and damage modifiers should be considerably increased.  Lets look at speed. Currently, if I armor tank my ship I have a chance of lasting long enough to not die a horribly, unimportant death, but in almost every situation I won't actually catch you.  Gallente should be every bit as fast and faster than Minmatar.  If I armor tank, I should still have enough speed to catch other armor ships and have a chance at catching larger shield ships.  On the same note, if a Gallente pilot did indeed choose to go with a shield buffer and handicap myself with fewer hit points, then he should give enough DPS (even more than now) to absolutely crush an opponent before his target can finish him off.

Gallente should be the ultimate card for close fighting.  Period.  If I am forced to get within 2-10km for the optimal of my preferred weapons, then I should kill you unless you have a HUGE tank.  As an example, let's look at a shield tanked Brutix and Hurricane.  Both have similar stats, the Brutix is pushing out around 150 more DPS without drones and actually has a little more tank.  Why then don't we see a bunch of Brutixes flying around owning everything like some fleet doctrines with Hurricanes?  Speed, damage projection, and capacitor.  The Brutix is a full 200 m/s slower, gives 200 DPS only out to around 7 km as opposed to 20 of the cane, and doesn't have a whole lot of capacitor left for guns after trying to chase something down.  And yet, which one is SUPPOSED to be PURELY a close range brawler?  I think that Gallente should receive enough of a damage bonus to be putting out 200-300 more dps than they currently do. Minimum.  What would this do?  All of a sudden Gallente don't have to actually last very long up close before they can make a difference.  Suddenly a Brutix that get's close to that Hurricane actually has a chance to finish him off before the Hurricane neuts him out.  Megathrons would make it so that even armor tanked, almost NO ship would want to come anywhere near it.  Even the smaller ships (while certainly not receiving an extra 200 DPS) would at least have a chance to give more noticeable damage than their counterparts.

Look at it from a historical perspective:  Gallente are (I think) designed to be like super heavy armored knights.  They are so heavy and slow on foot they need a horse to be fully effective.  It may take a little while, but once/if they get there they WILL kill you.

What Gallente should look like.

  What Gallente are actually like NOW is like a knight with a pony that can't carry them far and instead of a sword, are armed with basic club.

What Gallente look like now.

Compare that to the Ammar as having a crossbow and pavis, the Minmatar being nomadic horse archers, and the Caldari as having hordes of longbowmen and you start to see how Gallente never manage to do anything.

Of course and as always these examples have their limits, but it seems plain enough to me.  More speed, plus more DPS will give the Gallente a fighting chance at being able to field fleets of just Gallente ships like any other race can pull off.

"Therefore good warriors seek effectiveness in battle from the force of momentum, not from individual people.  Therefore they are able to choose people and let the force of momentum do its work."  Sun Tzu