Monday, June 25, 2012

Resurgence Weekend.

...and no, not the Mass Effect 3 kind.  Rather this last weekend we saw the return of the endangered species known as the Squid Fleet, and holy smokes batman did they return!

So many ships, so many more redshirts.

Like a horde of zerg rushing out of a hidden nydus worm, we had no idea that so many of them had formed up and were wanting to engage in glorious toe-to-toe battle.

Saturday night started out a little slow, jumping on TS3 revealed a bunker busting fleet, a general corp "kill whatever we find" fleet and a few random holdouts doing their own thing.  Not wanting to burn thousands of rounds of vanilla antimatter at a bunker that was more profitable in their hands anyway, I decided to earn a little isk myself and go carebear some major plexes.  Having orbited the button for 18 minutes and not having seen anything save for a pie rupture which failed to catch me, I was quite settled in to head for the next one.  That when we heard it.  Something not uttered in Gallente comms in over a year (to my knowledge) and something that we were not sure we would never hear again:

"Uhhh guys... There are 48 squids jumping into Akidagi from Ichoriya..."

Now of course Gallente militia has eyes, from neutral hauling alts to alts within the militia itself but we had no idea that all those presumed carebears sitting in Icho were actually planning on fighting! Not since the great "Battle of Tama"  had such a fleet of squids been seen.
Needless to say I started burning back towards Nenn while forming in my mind who was online and what ships we would need to bring while trying to get as much intel as I could on this new threat.  No more had a recovered from the shock of hearing this (after asking around 20 times if they REALLY meant FORTY EIGHT squids) than someone posted in our intel channel:

"Lots of squids in Eha, 17+"

At this point my warning bells were ringing like a 5 o'clock fire alarm.  Having confirmed that the squids now had at least 65+ online and active in combat ships, we began thinking this might be some elaborate trap with which to bait the battle hungry Gallente to bring out something shiny for a hotdrop.  Nonetheless, with this many targets getting together we were willing to lose some ships for a good ole' fashion slugfest.... and that's exactly what we got.

Having called for all hands on deck I was disappointed to learn that the bunker busting fleet was not only behind the squid horde, but they were wanting to finish the bunker.  Really???  You want to take away an isk source while denying yourself a good fight? (as it turns out they would end up retreating through squid high sec to avoid the squid fleet).
So after scrounging up all the pilots I could we stood at 40.  Ammon Dei came in and I gladly let him take the reins in case of the possible hotdrop.  We went after them with an arty pest fleet backed by logistics and recons. After having danced around them a few systems, we engaged.  Primaries were called and all seemed to be going well from the perspective of my Huginn... until our logi started going down.  Regardless of the reasons (several were given) this meant we couldn't stay.  We tried reforming at range but the squids simply had to many.  Nearly 3-1 odds is never good, especially when your logi is gone.  Round 1: Squids.

Clearly we didn't have Loren Gallen with us...

Having been thwarted in our attempt to crush this squids resurgence we went back to Nenn and reformed.  Deciding to take a different approach we decided to go with a long range armor setup thinking they would once again come back in similar ships.  Eventually they did indeed come back out but with a few more shield battleships, ravens of all things, and so once again we undocked and headed for them.
This time our fleet was split and thus had an unfortunate loss of 3 ships at the start of the fight.  But those 3 ships were far outweighed by what we killed.  Round 2: Frogs.

One thing I found strange was that their FC must have been expecting caps due to neuts on Ravens, some with no prop mods and a full neut Rokh.  While we are certainly known to bring caps from time to time, I found it a strange fleet comp to attempt a fight with a full on armor gang at close range.

Never the less I would like to profusely thank the squids for once again filling the skies with ships and bringing not one but two full on brawls.  o7

Inferno 1.1, The Alliance Tournament, and the squids showing some courage.  I say this will indeed be an exciting week.

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